Sinergi Burkina participated in the Learning Event organized by the West Africa Trade and Investment Hub

In January 2022, Sinergi Burkina launched the co-investment project “Facilitating access to structuring financing for SMEs in Burkina Faso (FFS-PME)” in partnership with the Trade and Investment Hub (TIH), a USAID program. With a total amount of nearly USD 9 million, the project aims to catalyze by 7.6x the financing of USD 1 million of TIH grant for the benefit of 8 companies thanks to a cash collateral mechanism, to create more than 500 jobs, improve the income of more than 2000 small farmers, among others.

After 18 months of implementation and already 7 companies supported out of a target of 8, we were delighted to take part in the Learning Event organized in Abuja from September 6 to 7, 2023, by the TIH. Cyrielle TRAORE, who is in charge of the project, was able to present the results achieved, the challenges encountered, the lessons learned and the perspectives.

This great enriching experience alongside the other Co-investment partners of the Trade Hub was an opportunity to reiterate our thanks to USAID for this support which allows us to increase structuring financing in Burkina Faso. Two companies that benefited from the program through Sinergi Burkina also shared their experience. These are Mrs. Rosemonde TOURE, promoter of the company Rose Eclat, a fruit and vegetable processing unit and Mrs. Emelie KYEDREBEOGO, promoter of Palobdé Afrique, a production and marketing unit of reusable sanitary napkins.