Rose Eclat

Sector :Agri-business
Entrepreneur :Rosemonde Touré
Creation date : 1999
In portfolio since :2019

A family business created in 1999 at the initiative of Mrs Touré, Rose Eclat is a company that operates in the agricultural field, more specifically in the processing of fruit and vegetables. Today, the company puts on the national and international market processed and/or dried fruits and vegetables certified BIO and HACCPsuch as mango (flagship product), banana, okra, strawberry, or onion.

Rose Eclat works in partnership with more than 500 small producers, which she supports technically, organizationally and financially.

A company lead by Rosemonde Touré

Rosemonde Rita Evelyne TOURÉ has a postgraduate degree in law (DEA) and more than 20 years of experience in mango drying. She relies on her experience and a young and dynamic team to manage the company.

Her commitment and dynamism have earned her many distinctions such as :

  • Knight of the Order of Merit of Commerce and Industry
  • Green Africa Quality Award, 2010
  • UEMOA Quality Award 2017 awarded by ABNORMES
  • Award of Excellence for the Best Exporter of the Year 2017