Sector of activity :Industrie
Entrepreneur :Celestin KANAZOE
Creation date : 2018
In portfolio since :2023

Agro-Emballage specializes in the production and commercialization of woven polypropylene bags. Agro-Emballage aims to support the agri-food industry by making their products more competitive through the provision of packaging that is adapted and attractive in terms of design and quality. It also installs and maintains machinery.

A company lead by Céléstin KANAZOE

The company was founded in 2018 by Célestin KANAZOE, an engineer specializing in mechanics and renewable energies from Mohamed 1er University in Oujda (Morocco) who has several years’ experience in entrepreneurship. With the support of his wife Estelle DJIGUIMDE, he began his entrepreneurial adventure by repackaging food products in attractive packagings. That’s how he began importing packaging for commercial purposes. Building on this success, he now plans to become the national leader in the production of polypropylene woven bags.

Partnership with Sinergi Burkina

Agro-Emballage is supported by Sinergi Burkina through an equity investment that aims at : 

  • Structure and improve governance
  • Finance working capital and optimize inventory
  • Help set up the unit
  • Increase the company’s intervention capacity
  • Formalize jobs