Zoé Industry

Zoé Industry is a company specialized in the transformation of local plant leaves, mainly moringa oleifera, into infusion tea.

Faso Elevage Bio

Faso Elevage Bio is a company specialized in the production of breeding materials.


Kokuma is an industrial unit for processing paddy rice into whole white rice, broken rice and rice bran in Burkina Faso.

Distrib Concept

Distrib Concept produces dried vegetables, spices and instant broths in sticks of 2 to 3 grams marketed under the brand Leila.

Yam Agro

Yam Agro is a company that operates in the food industry, especially in the production of syrups (bissap, ginger) and mango jam.

Afrik Bovia

Afrik Bovia is a cattle farm created by Mauhamed Lamine Sy specialized in the production of cow's milk, located in Bobo-Dioulasso.


Bioprotect produces and markets organic inputs based on local natural resources (mushrooms, plants, agricultural and livestock residues).


The Société de Fabrication du Coton Burkinabè (SOFACOB) is a company that transforms local cotton fibre into hydrophilic cotton for medical use.

Ferme d’Embouche Bovine

Ferme d'Embouche Bovine is a unit specializing in livestock farming, more specifically cattle fattening and butchery (fattened beef, fresh meat, etc.).

Faso Pro

FasoPro is a company that transforms food products based on edible insects.

Rose Eclat

Rose Eclat is a company that operates in the agricultural field, more specifically in the processing of fruit and vegetables.


Agroserv is an industrial unit processing maize into gritz and flour.


Siatol is a young soybean processing company.