Afrik Bovia

Sector :Agri-business
Entrepreneur :Mauhamed Lamine Sy
Creation date :2011
In portfolio since :2019

Afrik Bovia is a cattle farm created by Mauhamed Lamine Sy specialized in the production of cow’s milk, located in Bobo-Dioulasso.

A company lead by Mauhamed Lamine Sy

Holder of a high school diploma from the Islamic University of Medina, he has several experiences in food and dairy production. He worked as a representative in Riyadh of the French company Sibert Patent specialized in the production and installation of horticultural greenhouses but also as a fruit and vegetable import manager at Shadel Company in partnership with Flex Faso. In 2006, he launched into entrepreneurship by creating Gulf African Group, a company specialized in the export of mango and beef. 

Partnership with Sinergi Burkina

Afrik Bovia is supported by Sinergi Burkina through I&P Acceleration in Sahel. The main objective of this partnership is to :

  • To have adequate material and human resources for the establishment of a production unit of yogurt and pasteurized milk (semi-handcrafted dairy).
  • Set up the yogurt and pasteurized milk production unit to enable the company to enhance its production and create more added value
  • Penetrate and conquer the market for cow’s milk dairy products (100%) in the project area and more generally in Burkina Faso
  • Set up an internal accounting system kept by a professional

Expected impacts

  • Formalization of 10 existing jobs and the creation of 9 new formal and decent jobs for women and young people
  • Contribution to the national economy through the payment of taxes to the tax authorities
  • Better structuring and organization of the company
  • Establishment of good governance