Sector :Industry
Entrepreneur :Angéline Traoré Yougbare
Creation date : 2019
In portfolio since :2020

Fenel produces and markets fashion accessories (fitted accessories, ordinary sewing accessories and leather goods accessories) from local fabrics woven in Burkina Faso (Faso Da Fani). 

A company lead by Angéline Traoré Yougbare

Fenel was founded in 2019 by Angéline Traoré Yougbare, who before creating the company, worked for 10 years as manager and main designer at Nagteedo Creation, a company specialized in fashion and pearl jewelry. Passionate about fashion since 2007, it is in 2019 that she started to develop local woven loincloths such as the Faso Dan Fani.

Partnership with Sinergi Burkina

Fenel benefits from I&P Acceleration in Sahel program. The objectives are to :

  • Increase production capacity and product quality
  • Diversify the company’s products by launching a range of ready-to-wear products made from Faso Dan Fani
  • Set up an internal accounting system kept by a professional
  • Strengthen the sales force and the visibility of the company 
  • Restructuring the company and strengthening its management system

Expected impacts

  • Consolidation of 7 existing full-time jobs and creation of 6 new formal jobs for young people and full-time women
  • Contribution to the national economy through the payment of taxes to the tax authorities
  • Increased revenues for Faso Danfani loincloth weavers
  • Creation of a strong added value through the valorization of local products
  • Reducing imports of fashion accessories and strengthening exports